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Group Training Classes are an excellent way to combine the benefits of a fitness session with the fun, excitement, support and comraderie of a group of friends!


With a variety of times and classes to fit your schedule, each class is designed to offer as much personalized attention and encouragement as possible.


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$15 Drop in OR Take Advantage of Our Fitness Packages!

10 AnyClass card $100

Unlimited Monthly Classes $69*



QuickHIIT - with Thomas

Utilizing Burn's signature Fitness Interval Training -- this 30 minute class is fast paced, unique, and fun!  Combining higher intensity exercises along with ab and core work, this group training burns maximum calories in minimum time! 

HIIT - with Thomas

This 50 minute High Intensity Interval Training program is true body defining class with two equally beneficial halves. The first half offers a blend of high intensity strength and conditioning exercises specifically designed to burn fat and define the body -- while the second half of the class uses lowered intensity light cardio, with small weights and focused body weight exercises to cool down the body and target core muscle groups.

BoxFIT and Boxing with Stations - with Thomas

Taking on the essentials of boxing, while using a variety of high intensity exercises with intervals of punches and kicks --this class will define and tone your body like no other!

Building Cardio, Endurance and Strength training into one fun class!  And check out Saturday BoxIng with Stations which offers unique and varied exercise rounds w/ Fitness Boxing, moving quickly between boxing and non boxing exercise and equipment! 

30 Minute Abs - with Thomas

30 Minite Abs is an abdominal strength class created to specifically target the "Core" area of the body. By using light cardio, small weights, focused body weight exercises, and flexibility movements -- 30 Minute Abs lowers the impact, while raising the benefits! 

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